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County-Wide Chaplaincy

non-profit organization

Feb 2011

County-Wide Chaplaincy is an organization dedicated to providing comfort and guidance at the scene of traumatic injury or death.

The Chaplaincy is a non-profit organization located in the Clark County district of Washington State. Since they rely on donations, I set up a website to provide information on how to give to the Chaplaincy and learn more about chaplain services.

My work for this project included:


Logo, page layout, and design. Slight re-design done in May 2016 along with MailChimp newsletter integration.


This was originally done in WordPress, but then I moved it into a much simpler static site using Zurb Foundation's Panini templating system.


Monthly hosting, email account setup, and monthly content updates for the site.

I am a UX Designer skilled at all aspects of the design process from user research to front-end code.

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